Inge Meijer - Companion

14 April – 19 May, 2018

Opening Saturday 14 April, 5 – 7 pm


Companion is Inge Meijer’s (Beverwijk, 1986) first solo exhibition at AKINCI reviewing the work she created while she was studying at the Rijksakademie. The works show that she is able to convert complex phenomena into clear, iconic images. The desire to provide access to Inge Meijer’s world forms the recurring theme of this exhibition being held at AKINCI.


Inge Meijer’s films transport the viewer to a familiar environment that still manages to feel strange. At the core is the uneasy relationship between humankind and its surroundings. An environment that lives and breathes but which humankind continuously tries to bend to its will. Ostensibly, Meijer aims at the ‘little’ things and the daily actions with which we express our concerns, our dreams and yearnings, and cherish our illusions. Using a certain amount of self-mockery, she examines humankind, which is continuously arranging, cultivating and shaping its habitat.


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