Gluklya - Behind the Carnival


Behind the Carnival

27 January – 3 March

Opening 27 January 5 – 7 pm


Gluklya and Theo Tegelaers from TAAK will talk about the project ‘Behind the Carnival of the Oppressed Feelings’ on 27 January at 3 pm.


In Behind The Carnival at AKINCI, Gluklya investigates her experiences in the Amsterdam Bijlmer Bajes, a notorious former prison that controversially served as temporary housing for refugees. During a year’s period that Gluklya collaborated and interacted with the refugees who are waiting for their permanent residency status in this former prison, she developed her Language of Fragility; a playful method of learning Dutch by trying to find new visual forms of expression for emotions which are difficult to convey because of language barriers. These sessions resulted in the Carnival of the Oppressed Feelings, a performative demonstration which took place in October 2017 in Amsterdam. Together with the refugees and volunteers costumes, masks, music and objects were developed with the aim to express fear, vulnerability, loneliness and what it feels like to live in a former prison. With this carnivalesque performance Gluklya wanted to give refugees a face and a voice in the public domain.



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