Ali Kazma


28 January - 11 March, 2017
Opening Saturday 28 January, 5-7 pm

AKINCI is proud to present six of Ali Kazma’s films, amongst which the appraised video works ‘Home’ and ‘Clerk’, and a selection from his Resistance series including ‘Tattoo’ – first exhibited at the Turkish Pavilion during the 55th Venice Biennale. We are especially excited to première Kazma’s new film ‘Safe’, depicting the Global Seed Vault situated in the Svalbard Islands, which is designed to serve as a back-up repository for seeds tin case of local or global man-made and/or natural catastrophe. The suspense in ‘Safe’ is so dense it is close to physically stifling. Indeed, to look at Kazma’s films is to become fixated in a gaze that feels, almost compulsory, like touching with your eyes. This physical sensation is consequential of Kazma’s close apprehension of the human body and its activity. Through his framing and montage he captures both the physical and philosophical dimension of the condition humaine; in labour, economy, production, social organisation and time.

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