Stéphanie Saadé, magnetic fragment AKINCI contemporary art Stéphanie Saadé Lebanon Beirut auction
15 November - 17 November 2020

Benefit Auction for the Saint Georges Hospital in Beirut, Lebanon


start auction 15 November, 10am

final bidding 17 November, 10am


On August 4, 2020, Beirut was subject to a devastating explosion which destroyed a large part of the city and beyond. In a split second the citizens of Beirut were confronted with terrible losses, human, material, psychological.


In the context of our current exhibition by Stéphanie Saadé (1983, Lebanon), Sleeping Under the Shadow of an Unknown Tree, the artist and AKINCI feel the urgency to reflect on this tragic event, which still greatly affects the city and its inhabitants. Together with Stéphanie Saadé we would like to invite you to participate in a special Benefit Auction of which all proceeds will go to a heroic member of the medical team of the Saint Georges Hospital of Beirut, as an act of gratitude.


For the purpose of this Benefit Auction, Stéphanie Saadé will offer her work Magnetic Fragment. It consists of an old pottery fragment, found broken, of which Saadé coated the sides with magnetic paint. When she conceived the work in 2014, it already echoed the precarious situation of Lebanon, a shattered country that had never really recovered from the Civil War. The artist’s intervention aimed at giving the fragment, forever apart from its original whole, the possibility to attract and reconnect, in order to form a potential new entity. It can therefore be seen as a symbol for a new beginning.


The Benefit Auction will start on Sunday Morning 10 am and will last 48 hours.
You are kindly invited to place your bid beginning at € 500,-. Bidding goes through the AKINCI Instagram page click here.


Magnetic Fragment is not part of this exhibition. Please view images of the work here.


You can view a ‘tour’ through the exhibition Sleeping Under the Shadow of an Unknown Tree here.


Please feel free to contact us through to know more about the procedure.