Quarantine Podcast Sessions

In order to support your optimisim, we are working behind closed doors on Quarantine Podcast Sessions.

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Imogen Stidworthy, Iris

In this episode of the podcast, Imogen Stidworthy contemplates the borders of language and ways of sensing. Listening to the dramatic silence in Liverpool during Lockdown she recalls working with Iris Johansson.

Ali Kazma, Two Works

Video artist Ali Kazma is in quarantine in Istanbul, Turkey. He describes how he seizes the opportunity to work on material that has been waiting for a long time. Ali Kazma is known for his detailed portraits of professions, performed by people who have developed a fascinating fluency in their task. In this podcast we hear about Ali Kazma's methods, when he portrays a writer and a brain surgeon.

Margit Lukács & Persijn Broersen, All, or Nothing at All

Margit Lukács en Persijn Broersen describe how, through their upcoming solo show in the A4Art Museum in Chengdu (China) and the current quarantine, they started seeing things in a whole new light.

Moyna Flannigan, Quake

In this episode of Quarantine Podcast Sessions, Scottish artist Moyna Flannigan talks about her perception of the Quarantine, and her collage ‘Quake', that relates to Minkowski’s Wire, a theory in physics which states that each and every thing is connected in space and time by a wire to everything else that exists. Therefore nobody is alone, even in lockdown, in the middle of a pandemic. Every person is moving through their own film at sixteen frames per second, with it's mixture of states of reality, memory and dream.

Juul Hondius, To Unveil a Star

In this episode of Quarantine Podcast Sessions, Juul Hondius talks about his new film, and what a May Beetle has to do with NATO.

Melanie Bonajo, TouchMETell

In this episode, Melanie talks about her latest film TouchMETell, in which she allows children to think and talk about intimacy, their limits and body awareness. About the importance of hugging, staying calm and centred, no matter what is happening around us.

Anne Wenzel, 2000 kilos of clay

Anne Wenzel seizes the opportunity of this quarantine to work on a new sculpture. This episode is about developing ideas in times of Corona, and starting with good basics.

Theo Jansen, Animaris Vulgaris

In this episode, Theo Jansen talks about his irrational optimism. As an example, he takes us back to 1990, when he made his first beach animal, Animaris Vulgaris.

Sarah Naqvi, Blanket of Solidarity

The young artist Sarah Naqvi talks about her Blanket of Solidarity. Sarah made this quilt with traditional techniques, in solidarity with women who were protesting against a new bill that was passed in her home country India.

Gluklya (Natalia Perhina – Yakimanskaya), Tree of Guilt

The drawing 'Tree of Guilt’ was made for the exhibition disturbance: witch, which is postponed to fall 2020 in ZAK, Center for Contemporary Art, Berlin. Gluklya analyses how, for centuries, women have been oppressed by religion and patriarchal systems through guilt, and how guilt has developed into aggression in many ways.

Stéphanie Saadé, Portrait of a Lake

The artist Stéphanie Saadé speaks from her studio in Beirut, where she is in quarantine, about her work Portrait of a Lake. In this work she maps the void between two tectonic plates, connecting them with the (political) history and geography of Lebanon.

Edwin Zwakman, New Hague 1

The artist Edwin Zwakman speaks from his studio, where he is in quarantine, about his work New Hague 1. It has to do with a, not utopian, not dystopian, but rather realistic idea about how we might relocate our architecture in the future.