Molly Palmer


12 May – 16 July, 2022


Friday 15 July, 5-8 pm

Tour & Finissage with Molly Palmer!


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Molly Palmer is a multidisciplinary artist, working within and between the media of video, sound, choreography, costume, sculpture and installation. She has had multiple solo exhibitions throughout the world and now presents her first solo exhibition at AKINCI in Amsterdam. For this occasion, Palmer has transformed the gallery space into a series of evolving interiors that call upon our senses, combining visuals, sound, and materials whose surface invokes the notion of touch – such as glazed ceramics, wood and felt.


Layered vocals in surround sound are activated by the viewers movement, and draw – together with changing lights and moving sets – the attention of the viewer to different elements in the exhibition. The works explore complex emotions such as loss and longing, anxiety, depression and grief, and their contribution to evolving our capacity for joy, connection and hope. The cycles of singing use vocalisation to catalyse healing and soften around the processing of difficult experiences, channeling the voice as a conduit to encode, make strange and rebuild.