The Distance Between Us

Ruby Swinney

24 April – 5 June, 2021


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We are proud to announce our first solo exhibition with Ruby Swinney (1992, South Africa) with the meaningful title ‘The Distance Between Us’.

Distance: dis-stare “stand apart”; destance “discord, quarrel”

Like an image developing on photographic paper, Ruby Swinney’s paintings seem to emerge from the white silk of their canvases. The ghostly figures and landscapes, as intricate as they appear, are simply an encounter between light and shadow. Each painting is a monochromatic exploration of colour as much as it is a worlding: rusted purple, raspberry, green teal, blue. They are not constructions—they are barely paintings. In fact, Swinney has said, she doesn’t consider herself a painter: her technique is more influenced by printmaking. Over the paintbrush she prefers tiny cotton buds, with which she can remove paint as readily as apply it. Printmakers are painters who operate in the negative space, in the absence of things.