Roger Cremers | Sleeping Windows & Juul Hondius | To Unveil a Star


5 November – 24 December, 2021


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In ‘Sleeping Windows’, Roger Cremers paints on reflecting surfaces, which add a vivid brilliance to the works and incorporate the viewer. The mirrors, whose surface has been carved and smeared with thin layers of paint, are partly misty and partly clear, resembling a slumbering portal to another world. Cremers’ works often refer to previous paintings or appear to contain references to future works, like an unfolding universe, shaped by the artist himself.


Juul Hondius investigates the status and impact of media images. In his work, he constructs a vision in which the pictorial language of journalism merges with that of cinematographic dramatized fiction. His newest film, ‘To Unveil A Star’ explores the changing identity of NATO as an organisation and as a symbol, from the criticised paragon of protection during the Cold War to the terrifying face of many military attacks today.