I Wan'na Be Like You

Margit Lukács & Persijn Broersen


30 May – 13 July, 2024



Come and join us on Thursday 30 May, 5 pm for the festive opening to kick off Amsterdam Art Week!


On Saturday 1 June, 5 pm, as part of the AAW-programme, Broersen & Lukács will give an artist talk

moderated by independent curator and researcher Nat Muller.

Please send an email to rsvp@akinci.nl to reserve your spot.

Full Details

AKINCI is proud to present the solo exhibition I Wan’na Be Like You by artist duo Margit Lukács and Persijn Broersen. They present their new film, which shares the same title as the exhibition and has just had its well-received premiere at the Grote Kerk Alkmaar. In the Attachment Space, the duo will show an earlier work, Bark with a Trace, 2022.


In the video work I Wan’na Be Like You, Lukács and Broersen focus on the ‘Western’ image of ‘the Jungle’. The wilderness is often seen as a Terra Nullius, supposedly unexplored land that served as an emblem of desire for the colonial powers. This film delves deeper into ‘the wilderness’ as it was once confiscated and subsequently recreated in the most important botanical gardens in Europe.


Through a complex process of photogrammetry, 3D-moulding and modelling, claying, motion capture and CGI, these gardens were turned into one virtual representation of the conquered jungle as it is preserved in the botanical gardens throughout Europe. This phantom maze serves as a backdrop for an avatar of a ghost, an apparition that is neither human nor animal, a hybrid being that floats between past and future.