Sleeping Under the Shadow of an Unknown Tree

Stéphanie Saadé


10 October – 21 November, 2020



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AKINCI is extremely proud that Melanie Bonajo will represent The Netherlands at the 59th Venice Biennale.


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Full Details

AKINCI is proud to announce Stéphanie Saadé’s new solo exhibition Sleeping Under the Shadow of an Unknown Tree. Born in Lebanon in 1983, Saadé’s refined conceptual practice delves deep into her personal history, from which she extracts memories and objects that she carefully modifies and introduces into new scenarios. She shapes artworks and situations that absorb the personal layers and reflect socio-political ones instead, as well as psychological and philosophical ones. The presented works were conceived before the October 17 Lebanese revolution, the devaluation of the Lebanese pound and the massive inflation that ensued, the Coronavirus pandemic and the August 4 devastating explosion in the Beirut port. However, they can only be perceived today through the filter of these recent and still ongoing blazing events.