Lungiswa Gqunta

Lungiswa Gqunta

Solo exhibition at the Henry Moore Institute

8 July – 30 October, 2022

Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, UK

Whiteness as Property: Racism and ownership

Curated by Ana Hoffner ex-Prvulovic

After the text of the same name by Cheryl I. Harris.

11 February – 6 June, 2022

Künstlerhaus, Austrian Artists’ Assiciation, Vienna, AT

The botanical revolution

Curated by Laurie Cluitmans

11 September – 9 January, prolongued until 1 May, 2022

Centraal Museum, Utrecht, NL

Ubuntu, a lucid dream

Curated by Marie-Ann Yemsi

November 26 – 20 February, 2022

Palais de Tokyo, Paris, FR

Solo Exhibition – Title to be confirmed 


Whatiftheworld, Cape Town, ZA

Molly Palmer

Molly Palmer


12 May – 17 July 2022

Solo exhibition at AKINCI, Amsterdam, NL

Ruby Swinney

Ruby Swinney

Forty Under 40

Curated by Ashleigh McLean

25 September, 2021 – 28 February, 2022

Collaboration Whatiftheworld Gallery & Krone MCC

Twee Jonge Gazellen, Tulbagh, Western Cape, SA

Afternoon Delight

Lithography print collaboration with New Normal Projects, available online

Inge Meijer

Inge Meijer

We are proud to announce that the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden has acquired multiple works by Inge Meijer, a.o. the film Car Garden (2021).  

Wanderlust – Watamula

18 June 2022 – 8 January 2023

Het Dordrechts Museum, Dordrecht, NL

Levend Landschap

Curated by Roxanne de Bruijne & Trudi van Zadelhoff

9 July – 6 November 2022

Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, NL

Art in Dialogue

Curated by Petra Boonstra

1 June – 30 July 2022

Concordia Enschede, NL

Kunstproject Czaar Peterpassage

Design sketches public artwork

July 2021 – March 2022

Public Space, Czaar Peterpassage, Amsterdam, NL

Productive archiving

Curated by Ernst van Alpen

September 2022

H401, Amsterdam, NL

Cevdet Erek

Cevdet Erek


Curated by Emre Baykal

17 February – 9 April 2022

ARTER, Istanbul, TR

Musıkî Müzik

4 December 2021 – 5 February 2022

Hunt Kastner, Prague, CZ

Anne Wenzel

Anne Wenzel

Museum Het Valkhof in Nijmegen has acquired Anne Wenzel’s immersive installation Under Construction, with generous support of the Mondian Fund. Museum Het Valkhof is the first museum in The Netherlands to acquire a complete installation by Anne Wenzel. 

Dirty Work

Curated by William Cobbing


The Art Station, Saxmundham, UK

Toucher Terre, l’Art de la sculpture céramique

22 June – 1 November 2022

Fondation Villa Datris, L’Isle sur la Sorge, Vaucluse


21 May – 4 September 2022

MO.CO. Montpellier Contemporain, Montpellier, FR

Carte Blanche (Fuck The Dictator)

Solo exhibition


Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, Schiedam, NL

The Roaring Twenties

17 October 2021 – 23 April 2022

Museum Kranenburg, Bergen, NL

GOTH – Designing Darkness

Until 18 April 2022

Designmuseum Den Bosch, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, NL

Imogen Stidworthy

Imogen Stidworthy

Circonstances – Fernand Deligny


Bayaler – A Map of Sweeping 


Bayaler – A Map of Sweeping was made in first iteration in 2014, re-edited into a new version in 2018, an ambisonic 3-screen video work.
This is part of a year-long programme of exhibitions and events taking the work of Fernand Deligny as point of departure. The work will be the main art work exhibited for the second half of the programme, Jan-May ’22.

12 February 2022 – 29 May 2022

Museum Dr. Guislain, Gent, BE

Voicing on the borders of language

doctoral studies and research

Malmö Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts

Lund University, SE

Albrecht Schnider

Albrecht Schnider


Art Fair

3 – 6 March, 2022

Mai 36 Galerie, Zurich, CH


11 February  –  26 March, 2022

Mai 36 Galerie, Zurich, CH

Beyond The Vanished 
A documentary by Rita Ziegler
Switzerland / Germany, 2019, 77 min, OmE

Charlotte Schleiffert

Charlotte Schleiffert

We are proud to announce that Museum Dordrecht has acquired a work on paper from the series ‘What kind of leader do we need?’ (2014) by Charlotte Schleiffert. 


Furthermore, we are excited to announce that on the occasion of the travelling exhibition ‘Tolerance Test’, Rijksmuseum Twenthe, as well as the Drents Museum have acquired several monumental works on paper by Charlotte Schleiffert. 

Tolerance Test

A travelling installation in collaboration with scenographer Theun Mosk and curator Johan Idema, with narrated audio by Romana Vrede


20 February – 8 May, 2022

Drents Museum, Assen, NL


12 May – 10 June, 2022 (during Amsterdam Art Weekend 2022)

Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam, NL


18 June – 4 September, 2022

Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschede, NL


20 July – 5 August, 2023

Singer Laren, Laren, NL

Stéphanie Saadé

Stéphanie Saadé

Re-appearing Imaginaries

13 March – 25 August 2022

Misk Art Institute, Riyadh, SAU

Vergoldet / Doré : Recontextualiser l’attrait de l’or

15 April – 14 August 2022

Le Château de Nyon, Nyon, FR

Building a home with time

Solo exhibition

Curated by Stefanie Gschwend

28 January – 27 March 2022

Kunsthaus Centre d’art Pasquart, Biel, CH

Zijn naam was Austerlitz/Austerlitz was his name

Curated by Sam Steverlynck for Tlön Projects

9 February — 3 April 2022

A Tale of A Tub, Rotterdam, NL

Andrei Roiter

Andrei Roiter

Andrei Roiter

Solo exhibition

4 October 2022 – 5 March 2023

Museum Helmond, NL

Zbigniew Rogalski

Zbigniew Rogalski

Refugees Welcome, Artists for Refugees

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, the Friends of the Museum, and Ocalenie Foundation organise the sixt Refugees Welcome charity art auction, the income from which will be earmarked for assistance to refugees.

The auction will be held at 15 may 2022, 5 pm.

The pre-auction exhibition runs from:

8 April – 15 May, 2022

Museum on the Vistula, the main exhibition space of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, PL

Axel Hütte

Axel Hütte


30 April – 28 August 2022

Borusan Contemporary, Istanbul, TU



Art is the Antidote

26 January – 23 October 2022

Museum Voorlinden, Wassenaar NL

Juul Hondius

Juul Hondius

We’re proud to announce that Juul Hondius’ film To Unveil a Star has recieved the award for the best essay at the 40th Festival Films on Art (le FIFA) in Montréal, CA. 

Festival Films on Art (le FIFA)

Screening of To Unveil a Star (2021)

15 – 27 Maart 2022

Montréal, CA

Master of Art Film Festival

Screening of To Unveil a Star (2021)

Spring 2022

Sofia, BG



Garden of Trust: Visual correspondence between Gluklya and Kati Horna

27 February – 30 April 2022

Gallleriapiù, Bologna, IT

Letters to the Doctor

“Dream/Bed”,  series for Mn Artists program of the Walker Art Centre, Minneapolis, USA


2021 – 2022

AAC Gallery, Weimar, DE

Red Dress Congress

2021 – 2022

as part of Space 1520, an artistic research laboratory at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, RU


This exhibition is postponed until further notice because of the Russian attack on Ukraine. 

When Gondola Engines Were Taken to Bits

4 December 2021 – 13 March 2022

V-A-C GES-2 House of Culture, Moscow, RUS

and V-A-C Zattere, Venice, IT


Gluklya’s work in this exhibition was censored from the audience following the Russian attack on Ukraine. The censorship of Gluklya’s work is unacceptable, and an urgent call to stand up for Russian artists who have always fought for freedom. AKINCI stands firmly behind Gluklya and all artists affected by this war. 

Kirsten Geisler

Kirsten Geisler

Who is she? Portretten vertellen

Curated by Ann Demeester, Manique Hendricks, Maarten de Leede en Roísín Douglas

25 June 2021 – 2 January 2022

Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem, The Netherlands

Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács

Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács

We’re very proud to announce that Centraal Museum Utrecht has acquired the immersive work ‘Fix the Variable, Exclude the Accidental, Eliminate the Impure, Unravel the Tangled, Discover the Unknown’ (2021) by Margit Lukács & Persijn Broersen. The acquisition was generously supported by the Mondriaan Fund 2020-2021 (commissioned by the museum). 

In the Shadow of Trees

21 January – 26 March 2022

Hangar, Bruxelles, BE

Artist Talk: The botanical revolution

13 March, 2022

Information about time & tickets following soon

The botanical revolution

Curated by Laurie Cluitmans

11 September – 9 January, prolongued until 1 May, 2022

Centraal Museum, Utrecht, NL

Remix Nature

Curated by Sabine Himmelsbach & Boris Magrini

June, 2022 – August, 2022

Luxembourg, LU

Mythos Wald

25 June -25 September 2022
Kunsthalle Emden, Emden, DE

melanie bonajo

melanie bonajo

We are extremely happy and proud to announce that melanie bonajo will represent The Netherlands at the 59th Venice Biennale in 2022. bonajo will be working with a curatorial team consisting of Orlando Maaike Gouwenberg, Geir Haraldseth and Soraya Pol. The scenography is in collaboration with Théo Demans. The work will be presented at the Chiesetta della Misericordia in the Cannaregio neighbourhood in Venice.


Click here for more information on the website of the Mondriaan Fonds.

When the body says Yes

Dutch entry of the 59th Venice Biennale.

Curated with Orlando Maaike Gouwenberg, Geir Haraldseth & Soraya Pol. Scenography in collaboration with Theo Demans.

Commissioned by the Mondriaan Fonds.

23 April – 27 November 2022

Chiesetta della Misericordia, Cannaregio, Venice, IT

TOGETHER ­– Interact, Interplay, Interfere

Curated by Judith Waldmann

25 June – 25 September 2022

Kunst Meran, Merano, IT

Pornotopia revised

(Night Soil – Economy of Love, 2015)

31 March – 14 May 2022

Kunsthalle Exnergasse, WUK (Werkstätten und Kulturhaus), Vienna, AT

Earthbound – In Dialogue with Nature

(Progress vs Sunsets – Re-formulating the Nature Documentary)

Curated by Sabine Himmelsbach

4 June  – 14 August, 2022

Esch-sur-Alzette, the European Capital of Culture in 2022, LU

Rauw. De afkeer van idealisering.

Curated by Nathalie Maciesza

22 January – 22 May, 2022

Rembrandthuis, Amsterdam, NL

Inside the Outside

Pioneers in lens-based media

Curated by Els Drummen

1 May – 25 September 2022

Coda Museum, Apeldoorn, NL

Stephan Balkenhol

Stephan Balkenhol

Stephan Balkenhol

Solo exhibition

5 March – 17 April 2022

König Galerie, Nave of St. Agnes, Berlin, DE